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Basic advantages of LED Light

  1. Energy efficient - LED’s are now capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt
  2. Long Lifetime - 50,000 hours or more if properly engineered
  3. Rugged - LED’s are also called “Solid State Lighting (SSL) as they are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break
  4. No warm-up period - LED’s light instantly – in nanoseconds
  5. Not affected by cold temperatures - LED’s “like” low temperatures and will startup even in subzero weather
  6. Directional - With LED’s you can direct the light where you want it, thus no light is wasted
  7. Excellent Color Rendering - LED’s do not wash out colors like other light sources such as fluorescents, making them perfect for displays and retail applications
  8. Environmentally friendly - LED’s contain no mercury or other hazardous substances
  9. Controllable - LED’s can be controlled for brightness and color

Why LED's are chosen for many applications

Disadvantages and challenges in using LEDs

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