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Light Sources: Choosing the correct LED

In the world of high-brightness LEDs, all products are not created equal. Some LEDs will work better for a compact package with plenty of power while others work well with an off-grid situation where power must be maximized. To make things even more complicated, LED manufacturers are constantly raising the bar and developing new brighter, more efficient LEDs.

Continental’s LED Engineers make it a point to stay abreast of technology developments and have the advantage of receiving product samples months before they are available to the general public. This allows us to develop fixtures that are state-of-the-art on day one of production. Since LEDs are a rapidly changing product, having the latest and greatest LED in your fixture is a true competitive advantage.

Several things must be considered when choosing the correct LED for the fixture:

  1. Amount of light required
  2. Color of light required
  3. Size of the housing and complete fixture
  4. Power source of LED (on-grid or off-grid) and power consumption
  5. Beam pattern required
  6. Budget for the project
  7. Fixture environment (outdoors, indoors, marine, etc.)

Determining the above is usually done in a Feasibility Study, at which point the LED engineer will make a recommendation for an LED that will produce the required light at a cost that fits the budget for the fixture.  Continental LED Engineers recommend using only name-brand proven LED manufacturers for your product.  There is no sense in saving a few dollars only to see your product fail well before its time due to an inferior LED.  Utilizing an LED from a manufacturer who stands behind their product will save many headaches and give your product a quality reputation.

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metal halide fluorescent tube compact fluorescent light
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