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Continental Lighting

Located in Central Indiana, Continental Inc has been providing lighting design and engineering for over 2 decades. Our Mission is to provide practical, cost effective lighting solutions utilizing advanced lighting technology, including the latest high-lumen output LED's. Continental provides lighting design, simple or complex optics, engineering and rapid prototyping, and testing of light engines or finished products. Continental's manufacturing Division can then take over with sourcing, manufacturing and assembly of the product or our customer can utilize their own capabilities to manufacture and assemble the product.

At Continental, we know that while many of our customers are proficient in their industry sector, they may not be lighting experts. We assist our customers in understanding the basics of light and work to simplify the complexities of LED technology. Our focus is to assist our customers to incorporate the benefits of LED technology into their existing product(s) or add LED components to their product line.

Continental’s unique Accelerated Product Planning Process (AP³™) starts with a quick determination of the feasibility of your project and an evaluation of your market success potential. It then outlines a product development roadmap including estimated costs for design, engineering and manufacturing. The intent of AP3 is to provide a complete overview of your product development process including costs.

With over 30 patents awarded to Continental lighting product design and engineering, Continental has the expertise to design and develop cost effective lighting components that meet our customer's performance objectives. Continental is committed to the development of advanced lighting and LED components that are cost effective, efficient and have short-term paybacks. Continental has established a Technical Lighting Application Team that is built on over 2 decades of lighting component design for the automotive industry. With literally millions of hours of R & D, Optical Design, product development and successful cost savings programs, Continental has established a unique foundation in lighting product development.

The experience derived from the designing of complex automotive lighting components, enables Continental to develop sophisticated optical design with both lenses and reflectors to direct light where it is wanted in the most efficient manner. this optical capability is particularly useful for LED applications due to LED's inherent directional aspects. Continental now takes their optical expertise from the automotive lighting world to the commercial lighting market.